Week 1: His Name/Our Creator

One week into this study, and it is already clear to me this is where I am supposed to be right now. In this week’s devotionals (Days 1-5), Kay introduced why it is so important to know God’s names–the expressions of His character and who He is–and led into the study of one of His first names in the Old Testament, Elohim.

For several months now, I have been reminded through various studies that knowing God enables us to trust in Him, to endure through all things, and to combat the lies of the enemy. The empowering nature of resting in God’s name was reinforced this week for me through Daniel 11:32. As Daniel paints a picture of a time when many stumble in their faith and are led astray by leaders, he writes, “but the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action” (ESV). Daniel 11:32 Bible journaling page by Monika of mon_creates on InstagramI also like the NASB translation which says “will display strength and take action.” Increasingly, we are approaching times in which faith in God is challenged and seductive alternatives are offered. Right here in the Word we have the way to remain unshaken and to avoid being misled –to know our God. This really stood out to me in thinking about raising our son in this changing world. It is critical that our children know who God is — not in some vague big guy in the sky way — but according to His Word.

Another favorite topic of this week was a study of Psalm 20. It brought me back to a childhood song and caused me to slow down and think about its meaning. I did a little word study of “boast in chariots” Psalm 20 Bible journal page by Monika of mon_creates on Instagramand found that here it meant: “praise,” or “trust” or “made strong through.” It reminded of how we can fall into the trap of putting our trust in things like cars and homes and even other people to make us feel comfortable and secure. But what is different about people of God is that we are to boast in the name of the Lord our God. In this respect, boasting in His name means to “praise” or “make mention of” who He is, so I wanted to journal this page as a reminder to remember that I am made strong through Him, not things, and that it is my honor to adore, applaud, and admire who He is.

This week’s devotionals closed with our first name of God from Genesis 1, Elohim. This has already become more precious to me this year after really embracing the idea that I am created by my Creator to create (love what Leah hadto say about this idea), so I decided that for each name I encounter in the study, I want to make a page Deut. 10:17a Bible journal page by Monika of mon_creates on Instagramwith that name and jot some notes on it about what I learned. This page may have been a case of experimentation going wrong, but I love it (and wanted to share it as a reminder for those who are new to Bible journaling that this is not about Pinterest perfection but the process of getting in the Word, which Amy talks about more eloquently here) and will continue to think about how I want to remember each name of God in my Bible. The verse I selected for these notes was Deuteronomy 10:17a which tells us that, “For the LORD your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great, the mighty, and the awesome God….” What reassurance we can have in being led by our great, mighty, and awesome God!

On Monday, I am continuing on with Chapter 3, The God Most High. There are just four days of study in this week so feel free to join in and catch up, or if you are already studying along, get ahead! I will be taking my time through this week. There are a few more scriptures in these readings to meditate on. I hope you will join in!



Study Days

Week 2 (June 13-19) The God Most High Days 6-9

Did you read along this week? What did you respond to in these opening days of the study? And even if you are not reading this study right now, how does the name of Elohim encourage your heart? 

2 thoughts on “Week 1: His Name/Our Creator

  1. Heather/UnderHisFeathers

    I DID read, but I am behind. Unfortunately I was in the hospital this week (they thought I had meningitis) and I haven’t had the chance to play catch-up yet. I had a hard time answering some of the more personal questions at the end of this week’s study, but I quite enjoyed Kay’s points on Creator God. I will be going back to review my notes and underlinings before I continue on since I don’t think I was able to dedicate the time I needed to in completing this chapter (sick and aching is not a great way to learn more about God. LOL!).

    1. Dr. Mon

      Heather, I’m glad you were able to read a bit, but yikes to the meningitis. I am sure you have lots to catch up on in general after being down for a few days. I have been praying for you, but will be specific in praying over your health and strength.

      Those end of week one questions about purpose are big ones. I hope you’ll have some time and quiet to take her advice to heart and really meditate on it and see what God brings to mind. It may not come right away–it may be after you encounter other verses and truth somewhere else.

      And remember, you are not “behind”–you are right where you need to be right now. Hugs and love.

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