Summer Study: Lord, I Want to Know You

When I was a child, my mother started attending Precept Upon Precept classes. I would watch as each night she would spend an hour or more during her homework while I did my schoolwork, intently working through her Bible chapter by chapter with worksheets and colored pencils. Then on Thursday night, we would drive across town to her class. The class spent an hour discussing with their teacher, there was a snack break, and then Kay Arthur would come on the big screen TV and talk passionately about the Word of God.

The impression Kay Arthur left on my life can not adequately be expressed. But I knew even as a young girl that her knowledge of the Lord and the Word was something I desired. I took my first Precept class after graduate school and have even been trained as a leader, but it has been a few years since I could fit the full classes into my schedule. So since then, I have been studying along with Kay through her podcasts and online series and completing books in her Lord series.

I like this series of books because they teach the inductive method Precept is known for, which is reading what is happening in scripture, using scripture to help understand what it means, and then applying it to life. But unlike Precept Upon Precept courses, the Lord series requires a bit less homework and are more suited for individual study. [Some people are overwhelmed by the method’s recommended markings and close reading, but I think it is important to use it as a guide and not a rule book.]

This summer, I will be going through Lord, I Want to Know You, 21379_medwhich is a study of the names of God. It is a great introduction to this series if you have never studied with Precept Ministries before. I have set a schedule for myself to study Monday-Friday and use Saturday as a catch up and create day and then Sunday as a day of rest and reflection.

You, my friend, are invited to read along with me. I find I do a bit better when I know someone is studying along side me, whether in person or virtually, so I’m happy to partner with you if you need some accountability, and more importantly some conversation and encouragement. I’ll come back to the blog each week, probably Monday or Tuesday, to review the previous week and leave you some space to share your thoughts as well. How does that sound?

Here is the schedule I’m setting for myself, but feel free to set your own pace! I’ll be studying from June 6-August 8.



Study Days

Week 1 (June 6-12) Names of the Lord
The Creator
Days 1-3
Days 4-5
Week 2 (June 13-19) The God Most High Days 6-9
Week 3 (June 20-26) The God Who Sees
The All-Sufficient One
The Lord
Day 10-11
Day 12
Days 13-14
Week 4 (June 27-July 3) The Self-Existent One
The Lord Will Provide
Day 15
Days 16-19
*Week 5* (July 4- 10) The Lord Who Heals Days 20-25
Week 6 (July 11-17) Pausing for a Moment Days 26-28
Week 7 (July 18-24) The Lord My Banner
The Lord Who Sanctifies You
The Lord is Peace
Day 29-31
Day 32Day 33
Week 8 (July 25-31) The Lord of Hosts
The Lord My Shepherd
The Lord Our Righteousness
Day 34
Days 35-36
Days 37-38
Week 9 (Aug 1-8) The Lord is There Day 39-42

*There are more than five days in this week, so I recommend looking over the week in advance and setting up a schedule that allows you to do two in one day or utilizing your Saturday catch up day!*

This book can be purchased through Precept (which supports their ministries) or through your favorite retailer. I hope you will read along with me this summer or follow my journey here and on Instagram.

6 thoughts on “Summer Study: Lord, I Want to Know You

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