Day 10: Good Laugh

Some of the stuff my husband and I laugh at is surely only funny to us. Take Kidz Bop. We have accepted that some of the things we listen to in the car are just for the kiddo and were never meant to be enjoyed by us. Especially when they do renditions of soulful songs and drain the life out of them. But it has become so groanworthy that now it is funny. So imagine our bitter delight when the Kidz Bop version of Stan Smith’s “I’m Not the Only One” came on the radio one evening after a family dinner out. We exchanged a glance and an “oh no” and braced ourselves.

“Wait for the kid choir,” I said. “There’s going to be a choir for the hook.”

We sat in absolute silence during the verse and as soon as the choir came in as predicted, we died. We laughed until the tears rolled, and we were both gasping for air. That’s just us.

I love that my husband is full of laughter and the different types of laughs bring their own special joy. The laugh when our son really cracks him up unexpectedly is one of my favorites. Today I wrote about one of our longest lasting laughs.


When was the last time you shared a hearty, need to catch your breath laugh with your spouse?!

Bonus Love: Skip the romantic movies for Valentine’s day and find something that will make both of you laugh!


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