Day 19: Gratitude

Gratitude shapes your Attitude. –Me

This was a fun page to create, and I may fill it up with more words or do another page with alphabet stickers and embellishments. (I’m turning more and more into a scrapbooker by the minute!)image

Listing out just a few of the things about my husband that fill me with gratitude made me me cognizant of my attitude as well as my actions. Do I always show him how much I appreciate him? I say thank you as often as I can, but I know there are more things I could do to demonstrate my appreciation. For example, since he cooks a lot of our dinners, I have taken a more active role in planning and grocery shopping. I remember dates that are important to him as well as to us. I respect his cat naps during the week as he makes a way for me to take long naps after church on Sundays.

But I’m so grateful that I want to make sure I am doing all I can!

What fills you with gratitude for your spouse? I’d love to hear! #WriteLoveChallenge

Bonus Love: Mail a thank you note to your spouse at work or even to your home address!