Jesus, overhearing, shot back, “Who needs a doctor: the healthy or the sick? Go figure out what this Scripture means: ‘I’m after mercy, not religion.’ I’m here to invite outsiders, not coddle insiders.”

Matthew 9:12‭-‬13 MSG

Thank you, Lord, that we are invited to spend time with You–the God of the universe. Through Your Son Jesus, we have a standing invitation to fellowship with You. You, Lord, are holy. You are blameless and pure. Yet, You make time for us in our messy, in our confusion, and in our brokenness. You don’t mind that we are triflin’ at times. You invite us anyway, knowing that we might not show up. You desire us still, and You keep the doors open. You pursue. You seek to mend us. You seek us out when we are most in need of repair and healing. You love because You are Love.

Forgive us for seeking to replace the deep knowing and quality time You desire with our religious practices. Forgive us for trying to earn the love You have already given. We know that we are wanting, and sometimes we seek to fill the gaps with performances rather than more of You. “If I could just do more…” We think we can will our way into worthiness when You have already given the Worthy Lamb that we need. We deceive ourselves into thinking we can work our way into grace. You never said that. We put those rules and limitations on to ourselves. So, we repent of self-centered prescriptions and turn to You. We accept Your invitation with open hands, letting go of the “before I get to God I need to” list. We settle in for time and conversation with You.

Today, Father, encourage us with Your voice. Let us hear You over the noise that would have us judge and critique ourselves as not ready, not worthy, or not enough. Be our enough today. Strengthen our faith to go forward with You knowing that You are all ready. Speak the worthiness of our Savior over the bruises, wounds, and scars that are still tender reminders of feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. Surround us with Your love today that we may walk confidently through this day as Your invited guests–confident in Your support, Your purpose for our lives, and Your wisdom in equipping us and designing us in advance for all we will need for this day.

In Jesus’ Name,



4 thoughts on “Invited

  1. I think you’ve been reading my mail with this prayer today. I’ve been trying to work my way to approval for myself and others for some reason (as a naturally busy ‘do-er’ type individual) but lately God has been reminding me I’ve got it all wrong. Even though these are all good things but I’ve missed the point somewhere along the way. This is a beautiful prayer of a willingness to name the issue and come back to my true Savior. Hint- it’s not myself!

  2. Jackie J.

    This is truly a beautiful and necessary prayer, Monika. “He is enough” is the truth I’ve been working on lately!
    Thank you for sharing! 💕

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