Day 3: Yesterday’s Realization

While I did not blog, I did write last night in continuing a slow start to NaNoWriMo. I’m well behind my usual pace for this venture and realized I can no longer be a night time writer. This is sad news for me!

In my previous attempts at this challenge, I have almost always written at night after working all day. It was a good release for the most part, and I didn’t really struggle with finding the words.

But fast forward to 40 and an almost one year old, and I recognize I must wave the white flag on night time writing. Grading papers, answering emails, or other monotonous tasks in the evening are possible, but I am finding that my creative energy at the end of the day is low and impossibly hard to maintain when sleep begins to call my name. (And Sleep usually starts courting me around 9 or 10pm instead of my youthful days of 1 or 2am.)

So my goal for day 4 (which is already here!) is to try some meal time or nap time writing.

What time of day do you NaNoWriMo?


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