Writing as Remedy

Day 2 of NaNoWriMo, and I’m already writing about loss. At first it surprised me, but of course it should not have. This is the week we remember the life of our middle son who is celebrating his seventh heavenly birthday. While my typing did not take me into the journey of infant loss, I found myself writing about absence and grief as my main character is grappling with a major life transition after loss. Even while walking into this new season, she is faced with another unexpected loss.

I thought today’s words would move me forward in her new journey, but she wanted to look back. And so we did. It was good to journey through that emotional heartache together. Loss is even more overwhelming alone.

Once again, writing becomes the remedy for what ails. As I am every November, I am reminded of writing’s honesty, and there is both challenge and beauty in that.

Where did your words take you today?


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