My First Album (OLW 2019)

I have been journaling my way through the prompts for Ali Edwards’ One Little Word. I wanted to do this after several years of having a word for the year, but not documenting my experience with those words. I have also had several meager attempts at memory keeping, so developing and maintaining a personal album is high on my goals for the year.

20190121_114159-01.jpegIt is exciting to see these goals become tangible in my creative life!

To get started, I picked up a lovely blue 6×8 album from Studio Calico. I followed Ali’s lead and painted the “Make It Visible” wood veneer black, but I haven’t decided where I want to put it yet. I experimented with a few places on the inside cover while taking photos just to give myself some ideas. Andrea, over at RetroHipMama, created a pocket on the inside cover of her 2019 memory keeping album. I am thinking about incorporating that idea as well. We’ll see!

I have not decided on an opening page (or pages) so for now, my album opens with 3 cards from the OLW main kit and one journaling card that I made from paper by Bella Blvd/Illustrated Faith. One of the subtitles for Ali’s workshop this year is “Do the Work,” so the “let’s DO this” jumped out to me as a great reminder that I have to put my word into practice–I can’t just talk about it or write about it.


I wrote down some of my favorite definitions of fearless that I’ve found so far.

I think the winner for me right now is “oblivious to dangers/perils or calmly resolute in facing them.” Being aware of danger and peril kind of comes with the territory for me as a person of faith (spiritual warfare) and as a Black woman in the US (all kinds of warfare)–I don’t think that I am going to suddenly be less aware. But I do find it interesting that a lot of people use the word calm to describe me while I do not always feel calmly resolute about the things I face. I pray by God’s grace I can internalize that more this year.
20190121_114153-01.jpegNext, I added to circles of encouragement to pattern paper and left the other pockets blank for now. These spots are contenders for photos or quotes. So far I have not printed any photographs yet for the album. I hope to at least get a selfie or two in before the month ends (I have two more days–yikes!).


From there I used Ali’s journaling prompts to reflect on the year ahead and my intentions for the year. I decided the 6×8 sheet for intentions just was not enough room for all the things on my mind, so that space became room to prayerfully commit my intentions to the Lord. I know there are more things on my mind than I can do, so I am praying that the Lord will continue to guide my steps and align my priorities with His.

In the layout that follows the Intentions page, I used some white cardstock to create an image from one of my favorite Crafter’s Workshop stencil using a little distress oxide ink. These cards now outline some affirmations and priorities for my life this year using areas of wellness to organize the themes.


With those pages setting up the year, I transitioned into the month of January. The most important practice for me this month has been fearlessly reclaiming my mornings with the Lord. He has been so faithful to satisfy me every morning. I chose this Illustrated Faith paper for a background divider as a little reminder of the importance of His Word to start off the year.

I may go back and add something to the vellum January so that it pops out more, but I like the black and white theme of the kit and do not want to go too wild and crazy with colors!

I finished up my initial work with this monthly tracking page. I think this is one of my favorite pages so far. I added the date stamp at the top. I think for each month I’ll include the verse for the month and continue to use the tracker. It has helped me to stay engaged with the album so far.


That’s a look into my first album! I have quite a few journaling cards and (ok, soon) photos to add for this month as well, but I need to get some more pocket pages. So far, I like having a mix of items in pockets and items out of pockets, but I can see that the 6×8 and 3×4 layouts are going to be my favorites.

Are you keeping an album this year? Are you into pocket pages? Any advice or tips for keeping an album going?!

2 thoughts on “My First Album (OLW 2019)

  1. Love this! I’ve never journaled through the year on my OLW either. Actually, this is the first year I’ve chosen one. I’ll be excited to see your progress 😊

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