Difficult Days

Today’s Passage: 2 Timothy 3:1

“But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty.” (2 Timothy 3:1)

Paul begins chapter 3 of 2 Timothy warning him that he will not only face potential opposition and challenges from those connected to his ministry, but that he also must stay on guard given the changing culture he is in. At his moment in history, Paul’s writings seem to indicate that he was aware of the ever shifting moral compass of the world and that he wanted Timothy to be ready to contend with the forces of evil he would have to confront.

Difficult DaysI think I will be ready to write about this more tomorrow, but for this passage, I have spent some time roday thinking about the difficult days we all encounter.

Right now, I am in the midst of my annual difficult season. Since 2013, it has come every October. Grief.

I want to be respectful of the context of these verses in my posts, but I also want to be honest. Sometimes the most difficult seasons in my faith are not what is happening outside in the world, but what is happening inside in my world.

In November 2013, we lost our second son shortly after his birth. He was our miracle baby, and the moments we shared with him were some of the most precious of our lives. But there was a physical side, an endurance challenge, a…heaviness…to the journey that I still carry in my joints and muscles. Right around the change in temperature in October I feel it the most. I don’t need a calendar; my body knows when it was that time. That time when we made the second emergency hospital stop, the last visit with the specialists, the contractions that went on for days, the gathering of family, the waiting, the weight. I feel it all, all over again. And while some days I can carry it with grace as I did then, other days are just downright difficult.

Who is He to you in the difficult days?

But God.

I press on. I endure. Not because I’m special. Not because I’ve “got this down.” I carry on because God carries me. Some days I crumble into His arms, into His Word, anticipating and eager for His living water to revive me. Some days I crankily stomp around the house first before I stop, refocus, and go back head bowed in submission to where I need to be in His presence. It is a journey and a process. Grief. Submission. Faith. Grace. And the blessing is, He is big enough for it all.

Do you trust God for the difficult times ahead?

I know the next week or so will be challenging, but I don’t know around which curve the wave is waiting for me overwhelm me. So I hold on to Him. I cling. And sometimes enduring in the faith is just clinging, and that is okay. Be encouraged–He is mighty, and He is able.

4 thoughts on “Difficult Days

  1. You are so right… sometimes, clinging is all we can do, and that is okay. I am so sorry that you are experiencing this difficult season. I can’t begin to imagine the emotions you have experienced. It is obvious you have a strong faith and stay grounded in Him despite the difficult moments. Praying for you!!

  2. Your words are everything in this moment. I wish I could express how profoundly I need these words, how “difficult” the days have been for so many reasons. But in this moment I’m clinging with you and for you and articulating in prayer the grief you may not have the words for.

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