Day 28: Perfect Morning

It had really been a long time since I’d written anything that looked at all like poetry. But something about the perfect morning prompt inspired me to think about the romantic lazy mornings I have shared with my husband. image

Our favorite place to be together is the beach. We are both from a coastal state and have lived in middle of landlocked America for almost ten years now. When we have a chance to get to the beach, we RUN! So for me, for us, a perfect morning would start in bed in a beautiful beach house I think. One close enough to the shore to hear the waves and smell the salt. I love the natural, forest scent of where we live now, but there’s nothing like that first hint of beach air.

I think the business of life can push out room to dream and remember, so I loved this hubby journal challenge and the creativity it inspired. I need to spend some more time in my journal, and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.

What does your perfect morning with your spouse look like? Leave some ideas in the comments or on social media via #WriteLoveChallenge.

Bonus Love: Write your honey a poem!!

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