Day 23: Special Lines

Who would I be if I didn’t know you?
Where would I be if I didn’t know you?
What would I be if I didn’t know you?
–Kindred the Family Soul

I do not think I have ever noted an album release date in my mind, until In This Life Together by Kindred the Family Soul. The album came out in September of 2005, less than two months after my husband and I met. He had already introduced me to the group’s first album and the week this second album became available, he bought it and played it for me as we took a quick trip to his home city, where I was headed for a sorority meeting.

imageEverything about the album spoke to where we were (down to a line that said “that sunny fall day at the end of September” as we drove down the highway on a brilliantly sunny fall day) as well as to where we wanted to be. The album, and much of their music, became the soundtrack for our relationship.

For this entry, I recorded just a few lines from their first album, Surrender to Love. The song, “Stars” set the theme for our wedding and was the music for our first dance.

We love Kindred’s music because it is soulful and romantic but also because it is created by a wonderful, down-to-earth married couple committed to supporting marriage. In their music and interviews they talk about their priorities for their family first and the challenges of being in the industry. They are role models for supporting each others dreams, making sacrifices, and real love.

While I kept up my journal entries, I can’t believe I got so behind on the blog!  How did you do this past week? Did you get some special lines down in your journal? I’d love to hear at #WriteLoveChallenge or in the comments!

Bonus Love: Go ahead, serenade your spouse!

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