Day 22: Proud Moment

The glory of young men is their strength,
    but the splendor of old men is their gray hair.
–Proverbs 20:29

Sometimes my husband and I sit and marvel that we have known each other for close to a third of our lives. The time has been so rich with experiences. There have been challenges that have made certain seasons longer than others, but it always “seems like yesterday” that we were first getting to know each other.image

I love reminiscing not just over the moments we have spent together, but how we have grown up and matured together. I am thinking of some of my favorite moments today–focusing on those times when I have gotten a chance to just sit back and watch my husband grow to lead, mentor, guide, publish, and more.

If I had to pick just one event, I would write that am super proud he has a new text book coming out. That is a big deal! But more than professional accomplishments and work products, I love the way he has grown as a father and am proud of how he’s stepped up to serve as a mentor and big brother to youth in our city. It does my heart good every time I see him walk in his faith; he inspires me and motivates me all the time.

How does your spouse make your proud? I’d love to hear via #WriteLoveChallenge or in the comments.

Bonus Love: Proud parents often post things they are proud of on the wall, refrigerator, or up on the mantel. Think about a way you can display a part of your spouse’s life that you are proud of!

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