Day 20: Name Doodle

My one close girl cousin drew the best bubble letters. They were round and graffiti-like, and they added to her older cousin coolness. I will always remember the afternoon we spent chalking up the sidewalk and the street in front of my mom’s house with slogans and words. She would mostly outline them, and I would help color them in. But as a young preteen I can remember wistfully wishing not only that I could letter like her, but also for a boy’s name to doodle.

Sheesh. We are so socialized in fantastical notions of romance and love that I thought as a kid I was supposed to doodle some guy’s name all over my street and notebooks, scrawling out Mrs. So-and-So and S0-and-So + Mon 4ever. I gave up on the fantasy pretty quickly and settled on the notion that I would never marry before I was out of high school. I never dreamed of a wedding or a marriage or a house with 2.3 kids and a picket fence. Too many things (good and bad) happened after those days of childhood innocence.

But thank goodness that the love of God is a pursuing love. He pursued me and opened me up to the idea of love and ushered in the man designed just for me to love. And the funny thing is, now that I am Mrs. John, I don’t doodle his name! imageSo for a fun Saturday journal entry, I went with the name doodle theme to spend some time being artistic and reflecting on the name of my husband–which of course I barely use because we call each other all sorts of lovey-dovey nicknames (as well as just Mom and Dad). I think I should write and say his name more often!!
Happy Saturday! Have fun being creative! 

Bonus Love: Do you know the meaning of your spouse’s name? Look it up if you don’t and think about a gift for your future gift list that represents their name!

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