Day 19: Gratitude

Gratitude shapes your Attitude. –Me

This was a fun page to create, and I may fill it up with more words or do another page with alphabet stickers and embellishments. (I’m turning more and more into a scrapbooker by the minute!)image

Listing out just a few of the things about my husband that fill me with gratitude made me me cognizant of my attitude as well as my actions. Do I always show him how much I appreciate him? I say thank you as often as I can, but I know there are more things I could do to demonstrate my appreciation. For example, since he cooks a lot of our dinners, I have taken a more active role in planning and grocery shopping. I remember dates that are important to him as well as to us. I respect his cat naps during the week as he makes a way for me to take long naps after church on Sundays.

But I’m so grateful that I want to make sure I am doing all I can!

What fills you with gratitude for your spouse? I’d love to hear! #WriteLoveChallenge

Bonus Love: Mail a thank you note to your spouse at work or even to your home address!


2 thoughts on “Day 19: Gratitude

  1. I love this idea! I started keeping a gratitude journal again in January and I can honestly say I see a change in my attitude when I take time to write down all the blessings which fill my day. The first time I came across this idea was in Ann Voskamp’s 1000 Gifts, but I’ve never seen it as a scrapbook type creation. So fun.

  2. Dr. Mon

    My planner has a weekly gratitude section and I’m glad for that constant reminder as well. I’m having fun rediscovering journals and personal writing this year as well as trying new craft things! Thanks for stopping by!

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