Day 17: Date Night

Since the first few years of our relationship were mostly long distance, my husband and I sometimes feel like we are still catching up on dating. We are always eager for our next date out, but are content enjoying having dates at home imageafter the youngin goes to bed or those rare occasions we can get together for lunch or a matinee while he’s still in school.

On the opportunities we can get out for a date in the evening, we love to try new places and new food. This past week we had a double date–something we don’t do enough–and had a great time celebrating a friend’s birthday and laughing the night away.

As I have gone through this challenge, I’ve wanted to have my journal be a place where I could keep little momentos from dates and events, but of course, I forgot to get something from the restaurant this first time! Next time, next time.

How are you at dating your spouse? Do you need ideas? Check out Dating Divas, Tonight’s Better Together, or Marriage 365 for lots of ways to remix your dates! Tell me about your favorite date in the comments or via #WriteLoveChallenge!

Bonus Love: Write your honey an invitation for your next date, even if it is Netflix and hot cocoa!


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