Day 15: Future Gift Ideas

There are some days when I want to buy my husband a gift, perhaps not even for a special occasion, and I know exactly what store to go to and what to get. But there are other times I drive around aimlessly and just pray a store sign will flash at me and say “come over here.”

What I have realized is that it is a set up for failure (or at least momentary panic) to be thinking about a gift right before you want to get it. So I try to mentally log ideas as they cross my mind or as he shows interest in something.

Unfimageortunately, I have the stereotypical mommy brain at times and my mental log gets stuck in the mud. So it is time to start writing things down. I am listing my ideas here, but I’m not offering any previews. I’m filling this one in after I post :)!

Are you a great gift giver? What tips do you have? 

Bonus Love: Go ahead and find out now what your spouse might like for Christmas!!




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