Day 14: Comfort & Support

One of the many great things about marriage is that together, we are a team. We encourage each other, root each other on from the sidelines, and are there for each other for hugs and comfort when things do not go as we had hoped.

I love that my husband has my back and that he trusts me to have his as well. We have had a good, full Valentine’s Day together (I hope you and yours did as well) so I did not have a lot of time to write in my journal this morning. Originally, I was thinking I would focus on comfort for this entry, but after such a positive day, I’m thinking about all the good ways we support each other and decided to make this a quick entry with a picture from the summer of 2014.

That summer was our first time as residents at a writer’s colony. It was a wonderful experience for me to keep some momentum going on my writing that I had started that year and to finish a project (which is accepted for publication and forthcoming–whoot!). I am a solo writer, and I loved the week of being locked away in the quiet woods with my books, my laptop, and a big picture window. My husband was working on his book at the time, but as I have mentioned here already, he is quite the extrovert, and he got cabin fever pretty soon into the process. He managed it fine and got an unexpected project finished while there (which is also now in press–whoot!), but it was clear that after a while he was there to support me and cheer me on.

This picture is from our dinner out “in town” with the other residents at the end of the week. It was an experience we will always remember for many reasons. I am keeping this here to always remember that my husband is indeed my support system!

How do you and your spouse support each other? I’d love to hear in the comments or via #WriteLoveChallenge!

Bonus Love: Pick up a mini pom-pom or make a mini megaphone this week and let your spouse know you are their biggest fan!!


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