Day 8: Dream Vacation

Far away from here…
Let’s jump in a taxicab
Pack a bag, and get away fast.
–“Far Away” Kindred & The Family Soul

I love getting away with my husband. Since having our first little one, that has happened less often as our trips are now generally conferences for work (which we sometimes attend together) or family trips back home (which is our excuse to get to the beach). But those moments we can travel together are always good and always leave us looking forward to the next trip!

We are both Atlantic Coast babies so now that we live in a landlocked state, we watch a lot of House Hunters International and Hawaii Life so we can vicariously visit the ocean. We love to dream and talk about our next trip, and we tend to talk about places with beaches.

While today, I found myself reminiscing in this journal entry about our honeymoon trip to Hawaii, I actually would love to take my husband on a dream trip to New York City. He is much more of a big city spirit than I am, and I know he craves to spend some time in a place with big buildings, big entertainment, diverse people, and fabulous food.

If you had unlimited funds, where would you take your spouse on a dream vacation? Feel free to share in the comments or on social media via #WriteLoveChallenge!

Bonus Love: Make a meal (or order a meal!) for your spouse that reminds you of that dream place!

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