Day 6: Color Love

I know the color of love,
And it lives inside of you.
I know the color of truth,
It’s in the image of you.
If it comes for the heart, then you know that it’s true.
It will color your soul, like a rainbow.
And the color of love,
Is in you.
–Boyz II Men

imageLast year I unabashedly became one of “those women” who buy and gush on and on about adult coloring books. Angie Grace became a part of my end of the day routine, and I quickly traded TV time for coloring and a stash of pens and markers that grew…mysteriously. [I have since learned that adult coloring books are a gateway craft, so buyer beware.]

But given my love for coloring, I had to include a day (or two) in the challenge to color. Today is a day for creativity. Whether in your home office with highlighters and pens, or with the kiddos in their box of crayons, find a way to have fun coloring the word love today and share your work via #writelovechallenge!

Happy Saturday!

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