Day 5: Nice Note

I’m sending him a 4 page letter,
and I enclosed it with a kiss.–Aaliyah

My husband has this thing about greeting cards. Every time he gets one from someone, he has to read it out loud. He loves a thoughtful card that truly captures the moment and, he’ll keep a good card on his nightstand or our dresser for ages.

When we were first dating, he went on a cruise and timed a letter to get to me while he was gone. Getting that handwritten message from him when I was missing him for the first time was a feeling I will never forget. He sent me into a school girl tizzy in the middle of my dissertation writing!

In a world of texts and tweets, a good ol’-fashioned note can easily get missing in our marriages. So today, I’m creating a way to be more intentional about leaving my husband handwritten messages. My goal is to do at least 12 notes this year (not including holidays). I’m starting with this little heart shaped cutie from you know where. After I finish it and leave it for him, I’m going to paperclip another blank note to this page so it is ready for the next time I need it!


#WriteLoveChallenge Bonus Love: It’s Friday–you’ve earned a trip to the store. Pick out a nice card to brighten your spouse’s day and include a little note. Give it to them today or save it for a rainy day!



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