Day 3: Physical Feature(s)

Behold, you are beautiful, my beloved, truly delightful.
Song of Solomon 1:16a

As cheesy as it sounds, I love my husband’s smile. It is contagious and warm. I love that fact that he is always smiling. Sometimes men think it is a weakness to smile or they want to do some serious Denzel type pose for photos. But at this point for me, it would be weird to see a picture of my husband without a smile on his face. He is so full of joy and hope and energy that it just pours out of him all the time. And his smile is hard to resist. As much as I might want to stay in a funky mood on occasion, I really can’t once he starts smiling at me.

Then there’s his shoulders. No matter how much he stops weightlifting or cuts back on certain types of exercises in his workout, they pretty much don’t stop. I clearly remember this one time a woman in Fresh Market poked him in the shoulder because he was wearing a Snoopy band-aid from an allergist shot. “Aw, look, a Snoopy,” she said. I laughed, but more so at her trying to disguise the fact that she was feeling up my husband. It was all good, I accept that his shoulders are pretty irresistible.


So maybe it is a bit different, but I’m spending time in my journal today thinking about my favorites of his Lever 2000 parts. Filling up these boxes with the things I love and a little about each one. I love all that he is and all that he represents–joy, strength, energy, vitality, and love.

Go for it–journal about your love’s body. The physicality and sensuality of a marriage is important. Behold your beloved. #WriteLoveChallenge

Bonus Love: Whisper some sweet everythings in your spouse’s ear about your writing for today!

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