I’imagem trying out a new journal starting in February! The inspiration came from Saidah, who blogs at Aprons and Stilletos. I recently started following her on Instagram while participating in a planning challenge. Saidah keeps a “hubby journal” in which she records her thoughts about her marriage as well as notes from speakers or books or marriage. And of course she writes about her husband–focusing on the she loves about him, fun memories, and her prayers for him.

I had considered a gratitude journal for some time to get me back into journaling at night, but the Passion Planner that I am using now has space for that, and I am keeping up with the things I am thankful for each week. So I decided to follow Saidah’s lead and start a journal about my marriage. To help me get a few pages in, I have created a 30 day challenge to push myself to focus on something positive about my marriage each day in the month of February. I’m calling it the #WriteLoveChallenge and hope it will be another space for me to merge my various creative interests while nurturing my home life as well.

So here’s the challenge (which Saidah has graciously agreed to host with me–follow her on IG for ideas). We look imageforward to doing another list in the future–perhaps one for each season!

Starting February 1 and going through March 1, I’ll post details on the prompt each day. Follow me Mon_Creates for prompt details. If you are married and interested in journaling, join in! Hopefully the hashtag #WriteLoveChallenge will catch on a bit and pull in a few participants who can offer some ideas and creative inspirations as well.

I’m excited about this new layer in my writing life, and I hope you’ll join me!

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